Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Glycerine Johnson


Nick said...

Don't be frontin'

Jeffrey O. Gustafson said...

Well, this gives a serious indication about how long it takes to go from idea to screen.

This first post of this blog was made in October, 2008, with just a Robot Chicken image as a placeholder.

There were no posts until April 2009, when a series of in-character posts were made. There has been no subsequent activity.

The episode referencing this blog aired in September, 2009.

This suggests nearly a full year of production time. But what do the two markers, 10/08 and 4/09 represent?

Was 10/08 when the episode was written, or when production began?

Why was 4/09 the time when in-character posts were made, rather than nearer to air-time? Does this represent a significant stage in production? Perhaps when the skit's soundtrack (voices and whatnot) was recorded? What about the possibility of that being when the episode completed production?

This is all just speculation, of course, but if it represents the episode's, or at least the skit's completion, why the five month delay? A theory: the airings of this season were held back a bit so that the season could lead into the show's producer's new parody stop-motion/cgi show, Titan Maximum.

Anyway, I could be totally wrong, but that is OK as it opens up more possibilities.

Oh, HA! My captcha is "slyho." Tee-hee.

dallass said...

left side, right side, inside....
kiss my ass!!!

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